Take A Trip… or Two… or Three



Traveling will always be something I have an interest in. 

My Junior year of high school, was my first time traveling outside of the states and it did something to my soul. Something good! I got my passport (y’all should see the picture, I have on an old Chris Paul Hornet jersey. I digress.)  and went to Nicaragua for a month for what was considered community service. While there, I collected everything I could. I have candy wrappers, seashells, money and all waiting to be placed in a scrapbook. I didn’t learn Spanish but I did overcome fears, and got my first taste of teaching. It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. From traveling through poor neighborhoods, clubbing, and hiking an active volcano, I remember it all so vividly. The greatest thing was not being able to have my phone. It allowed me to actually be present and aware of what was going on around me.

Since then I have been out of the country only twice. I’ve lived in the Virgin Islands for a semester and from there visited the Baths in Virgin Gorda on the British Virgin Islands. That experience is an entire post of its own.

Last July, I had one of the most liberating experiences ever. As a gift to myself, I visited Canada for their yearly Carnival called Caribana. I’ve been to a Carnival before but this was a different level. Tens of thousands of people and only about a fourth were actually in the parade. Met people from all over the country, practiced my macking skills and experienced a couple firsts. (You know you had fun when you remember being lost in a strange place and having fun finding your way back to your hotel.)

It was by far thee best weekend away from home I’ve had in a very long time. Yes this weekend was composed of party after party and No! I do not regret a single thing. There are also things I don’t remember but that is perfectly fine. From the moment we hopped off the plane, we tried to experience as much of Canada within that short weekend. From Niagra Falls, celebrity parties to the highlight which was actually being in the parade.

This is a memory I will be telling my grandkids about. I felt free, and probably the most confident I ever have. Not to mention how bomb I looked in turquoise and pink and blue feathers. I was with a cousin of mine and we forgot we weren’t actually from the Caribbean. My back was sore from how much winding we were doing! 

I can’t wait to see where my passport will take me next. I had many plans to travel just outside the US this year but God had other blessings for me so I’ll put those plans aside for now. I have yet to go overseas but sooner than later I will. I’m thinking Thailand or somewhere nice and warm.

In the mean time, I plan to make travel a priority. I want to be selfish with my time and do as much for myself as possible because 1. I am single (ain’t no ring on this finger), 2. have no children and 3. have so much going for myself.

A few items off my travel bucket list:

  • Take myself on a solo trip somewhere out of the country. 
  • Visit a place that isn’t a hot spot or tourist attraction
  • Persuade my mother to finallly get a passport 
  • Have garments made in Africa 
  • Visit a foreign Black community aside from an African one 

Our generation is experiencing the world in so many ways. Compared to some of our parents we have seen si much more of the world around us. This is a blessing that I don’t think many are appreciative of. From my perspective we have the ability to experience one another’s cultures which can allow us to have that much more understanding of our peers. With what is going on today rather than turning against each other in fear we should turn towards another in solidarity. 

Where y’all going?




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  1. Real talk, I was just thinking about my travels and expanding my list of places to visit as well. I think for a long time I was stuck in a rut of thinking I had to work and focus on education solely. I saw travel as something I didn’t have time for. After visiting California last year (Oakland 😊) I realized how silly my thinking was. Traveling changes us! It also teaches us! And I like your list point about visiting places that are NOT hot spots.

    PS: Your booty is poppinnnn sis ! Wish I was that cute in my vacation photos. Lol


    • The Kindred Queens June 1, 2017 — 5:52 pm

      Yes! I know way too many young people who feel as if traveling isn’t important and far too many feel that way because they don’t think they can afford it.
      PS: I tried to find a picture where I looked cute but my booty wasn’t poking but I guess that didn’t work lol. Thank you!!


  2. Dope Post ! Congrats on your blog ! Takes alot if courage. I agree with you making travel a priority. Traveling is essential to learning, and overcoming the ignorance of not knowing. Costa Rica is next, a solo trip. Also. Is was dipe meeting you at Caribana. -HS


    • The Kindred Queens June 3, 2017 — 4:27 pm

      Thank you! I definitely agree too many people rather stay in space rather than opening their minds and broadening their horizons. Please take pictures in CR that sounds like so much fun. Kinda jealous lol.


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