We’re Up and Running!

Whoo Whoot!

Kindred Queens is the brain child of Dominé and I. We met and shortly after realized we had way too many things in common, with way too much chemistry to let it go unshared. Like all friends, we surely don’t see eye to eye on everything, we actually debate quite a bit. Admittedly, these debates are loud and draw crowds but never have they ever left someone with out a corny joke to laugh at. How boring would a friendship be if you guys agreed on everything, knew everything about the other and had the same exact taste!? I just got irritated thinking about it. As two self-proclaimed Awkward Black Girls, who have been able to bring light to those around us separately, why not join forces like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!

With Dominé as her soulful, sultry, mature yet silly personality combined with my well awkward, childlike demeanor We. Can’t. Lose!


As Inauja said, we are quite an annoying pair, but still a match made in heaven. Honestly she came into my life at the most appropriate time, but I won’t get to mushy on y’all just yet. What inspired us most to start this here blog, was our shared feelings of loving all things black and all things colorful. From food, to people, the conversation between us is anything but dull. The passion that we have for writing and self expression will be showcased through the various art pieces we create here on Kindred Queens. We just want to inspire, give joy, and provide laughter to like-minded souls. With love, We can’t lose.

– Dominé

We are quite an annoying pair, but still a match made in heaven…


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