Sister Snow…please leave me be!

So sis, brother, auntie, cousin, and uncle, do we really look alike, or nah? These people have me so agitated and distraught over the fact that we all look alike! Like for real y’all, I am baffled at the fact that for all 23 years of my life I have looked like every single black woman that passes me by. So here’s the backstory to this here rant of a post, get ready because it’s story time:

I have a couple of jobs, and a few side hustles, because why, I stay on my grind that’s why! Anywho, one of those side gigs is an independent company called Instacart. Basically I deliver groceries, if you’re looking for a side hustle that actually makes you some decent change ( we talking at least $100-$200 a week, depending on hours) I recommend you hop on.

Now back to my story, so I was on a shift for Instacart and as normal I’m walking to a customers home, and I deliver their groceries. On my way out Rosie the Nosy neighbor decides that she wants to engage in deep conversation. Now y’all know I’m a very friendly person (when I want to be) so I oblige and throw on a cheap smile. So she and I get to talking about life, her broken leg and aching back, Instacart, and whatnot, and then she says it!

“Thank you so much for the info, I know you deliver here a lot because I ALWAYS see you and I just never get a chance to talk to you…”


Babygirl, you always see me here? *Insert quizzical face emoji here* Girl this is my first time setting foot on the cement they used to create this raggedy staircase that leads to your home, what do you mean you always see me here? And in that moment I had to decide whether or not I wanted to keep fronting a smile, or have my Kanye moment, let that fake smile fade and be on my way. I chose the latter. Did not let her speak another word to me, turned around, and walked to my car. She probably was confused  and hurt by my abrupt departure/dismissal, but ask me if I care.

It’s called Micro-aggression. Yes, there is an actual word that describes this type of behavior that some of you all annoyingly continue to display. Webster knows it, and you should to! I could go on and on about how many people of color have had to endure this, but I won’t. Just know I am fed up, and if you are indeed a POC I’m sure you feel the same way. But let me not exclude my people either, we have it bad too. I know I’ve generalized a couple of people due to race and/or ethnicity without realizing that I am apart of the problem. So please, to all you Sister Snows and your dwarf-like counterparts, this post is for you. STOP thinking that all of us look alike, because we don’t. Stop assuming that we aren’t intelligent, because chances are we have more degrees, accolades, and honors than you and your parents combined.

Our curls are different, our features are not the same, we are not all biologically related, and we don’t all sing, dance, act, or play sports. The next time you decide to “mix us up” or generalize our talents and abilities take a long pause, and one large deep breath, because one of us may just decide to retaliate in an unhealthy way. And believe you me, I will not be captain save a fish belly, okay, okay! And know that I’m taking these steps with you to help regulate my own shortcomings when it comes to this micro-aggressive behavior. Let us all do better together. Y’all continue to be colorful, and have a great day, and feel free to share any of your Sister Snow encounters below in the comment section, in fact please share them.

Be blessed, and let it be easy,




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