Loose Thoughts: Time To Define Your Fears

I was watching television the other night, and the new dance show “World of Dance” was on. J-Lo is one of the judges, and she said something that really made my mind wander. She said, “There’s something about being a kid that makes you fearless…” and yall that thang sat with me. It sat right on top of my brain, then filtered down to my chest, and then sept right into my heart. It went deep okay! But really think about that,   Think about all the babies you know and think about how they are truly not afraid. Aside from the typical boogiemen, monsters, all insects, and being torn away from your mom for something as ridiculous as school, children are both honestly and truly fearless. They have no filter, they are extremely intuitive, and their curiosity most times sets the cat free rather than bring it to an unlawful death.

When was the last time you were fearless? I had to ask myself that question, and struggled to come up with an answer. My life has been so structured lately that I haven’t provided myself with the opportunity to experience being unafraid. Our fears change as we get older; suddenly I’m no longer afraid of spiders, but I tremble at the sound of being heartbroken.  I’m no longer scared of the dark, but I become uneasy when I think about stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m no longer afraid to interact with strangers, but when a handsome stranger smiles my way, I curl up into a little ball the same way Rollie pollies do when you attempt at groping their outer shell. When did my fearlessness reach such a point of stagnation? I’m just talking y’all, so feel free to talk back. But after hearing that statement made by our favorite fly girl, im going to make a choice. Now it may take a little long, because this “fear of life” didn’t just engulf me overnight, but I’m choosing to allow myself the freedom to live a fearless life! I’m deciding to be okay with taking a couple of L’s if that means a win is bound to find me. I’m going to reaffirm myself everyday, and remind me that it’s okay if I stumble along the way; it’s alright if my heart gets broken again because I know that there’s healing right around the corner. I’m going to go back to that little corner in my closet, find my old backpack full of life, and then put it on and do just that. Live a fearless life!

I hope y’all join me on this fearless journey. To get you started, begin by pinpointing what it is that makes you afraid or what makes you anxious, because our fears don’t always lead to the same emotion. Then once you figure out what those fears are, define them. What does it mean to be fearful of that one thing? And then ask yourself, is this something I want, is this one very important part of life something that my heart desires, and if it is what’s keeping me from achieving it? Start there, even thinking about these questions for my own self is sending me down a path of thoughts and deep emotions. In fact I’m annoyed with myself at even writing about this now lol. But whatever it’s cool, and thoughts like these are necessary. I have a destination, and the pathway won’t always be easy, but I’ll keep walking on this long road, because this journey was meant for me.

As always,

Stay blessed and let it be easy.
– Dom



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  1. I loved reading this. I read it earlier this month but I just re read it and it touched me with where I’m at currently. You write phenomenal things Dom ! Your perspective is very close to mine as always 😌❤️ Thanks for this !

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