Ctrl: Album Review

SZA’s new album Ctrl just dropped …

I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard SZA fan but I am very intrigued by her artistry. She’s seemingly a beautiful person and that is a part of the allure as well. Her personality and how different she is is dope to me! I remember hearing her music my sophomore year of college for the first time on Z which is her second release. I only liked a few songs but really only remember “Child’s Play” because… Chance… duh!

As for Ctrl, I initially appreciated that she stayed with her image and kept her flow. A lot of artists switch up their flows and sometimes they don’t mesh well with the music they release. She allowed her listeners into her deepest thoughts and let them in on her deepest secrets. She reminded us, especially us young women, that it is perfectly fine to be vulnerable. For all we know, shorty was being super honest something that some of us won’t allow ourselves to be. Kudos to her! Y’all know I love poets and SZA is just that, she uses descriptive lyrics and rhetorical devices; euphemisms, allusions and all throughout this album. As usual, she has some songs that are bangers and all her songs are relatable to nearly all of her audience. I’ve seen guys on Twitter confessing their truths and admitting they were surprised at how much they had in common to some of these songs.

“Love Galore” is the song we all heard before the album dropped and it seems to be a banger. But because I am who I am I, of course, found something I couldn’t get with. In “Love Galore” and other songs on the album she talks about basically sharing a dude. Whenever I listen to the song, I turn it all the way up until I hear both her and Travis Scott talking about his girlfriend that SZA knows about *finger wave like Mutombo*. Once I put my personal hangups out the way it’s a dope song.

But “Doves in the Wind” is my JAM! When it comes on I’m likeSZA is looking for the Forest Gumps of today, the guys who don’t expect physical, are very intrigued and attracted to you mentally/intellectually. YES!! Needless to say, I’m right along with her. Of course, when K. Dot comes on it hypes the song even more. Am I the only one who’s noticed how often Kendrick talks about lady parts, (like the man idolizes them) but he’s right when he says, “You [men] overcompensate too much for the p*sy”. Not a generalization but I’ve seen many men glorify lady parts more than the lady herself, going above and beyond for it. We see this in songs, on social media and in our everyday lives.  In short, SZA knows she is the whole box of chocolates, she has a whole lot more to offer than just one sweet encounter and again I concur mama!

“Gardens” is a beautiful song. This was for the lovers (hopefully it isn’t about the guy she is dealing with that is cheating on his girlfriend). One thing many people look for in their lover is someone to be honest with them and to keep them grounded. She’s in love with someone who loves her for her insecurities and think she is beautiful regardless. The song explains itself. She is lucky enough to have someone that helps her grow and vice versa, their relationship is a garden full of love, support, honesty, and affection.

Overall, the album gets about 7 stars from me. There are 7 out of the 14 songs that I like and 4 of those will be permanently added to my library. Check out Dove’s in the Wind!



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