Is it Gospel or R&B/Soul? Whatever it is, keep giving me more. 

Hey y’all, hope all is well. And if it’s not, take a second, go talk to God, meditate or something, then come right back to KQ, and finish reading about this amazing soulful artist who goes by the name of Mali.

Mali Music is how he was introduced to me my sophmore year of high school. His second album, The 2econd Coming, has more of the gospel flare to it, but as of late, Mali has crossed on over into a very rhythmic, largely soulful genre of sound. His newest album, The Transition of Mali features some very anointed voices such as, my sis Jazmine Sullivan on “Loved by You”, and the beautiful Jhene Aiko on his song “Contradiction.”

I can’t express enough how good this album made me feel. Mali has gotten some heat from the saints in the past for converting to a more “secular” sound as many artist do when they switch up. However, I don’t necessarily find his music to be secular; honestly I hate categorizing music and artist in general, because its almost as if we are limiting their talents and musical abilities. We need to stop putting artistry in a box, focus on just loving the sound, and letting each chord and lyric take us the journey the artist intended for it to do. That’s what Mali’s music does. His music is indeed spiritual, and it still brings people out of hiding, and into a place of honesty and relief. This album is definitely an album that varies from the former. One of his more well known songs from his 2econd Coming album, titled Yahweh, has been covered by just about every praise and worship team known to man. I know that I’ve sang it quite a few, but this new sound brings out another side of the artist. I not only hear his voice, but also how his musicianship has grown tremendously. I love the fact that he can be versatile in his music styles and choices;to me it shows true appreciation for music in its totality, and an artist who is open to, and driven by change. I could go on, but I’ll let y’all check him out for yourself. The Transition of Mali album is tagged below! Also check out some of my other Mali Music favs; Beautiful, Yahweh, Conqueror, Loved by You, No Fun Alone, The Glory of the Lamb, Little Lady, Johnny&Donna.

Let it be easy, stay blessed.




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